Tamborrada Date in the current year: January 20, 2024

Tamborrada January 20 is a drum festival of Tamborrada, that is held in San Sebastián, Spain. This festival lasts for 24 hours and its participants dressed as cooks and soldiers march across the city.

The festival originated in the end of the 18th century during the Second and the Third Carlist Wars. Military activity damaged San Sebastián and its citizens began mocking soldiers stationed in the city. The locals used buckets and hardware from the water-pumps to mock marching soldiers during their daily procession.

Current celebration of Tamborrada includes drumming processions, that march across different parts of city. Today parades include men and women, although earlier only men took part in procession. Adults usually gather to have dinner in “gourmet clubs”, that provide elements of the procession. Originally only men were admitted. The participants eat sophisticated meals cooked by themselves.

Children are also involved in Tamborrada, but they have their own version. Children dress traditional soldiers garments from Napoleonic times and march around the city. Children's Tamborrada was launched in 1961 to promote the cultural legacy to younger generations.

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