Non-resident Indian Day Date in the current year: January 9, 2024

Non-resident Indian Day Non-resident Indian Day (Pravasi Bharatiya Divas) is an annual holiday celebrated in India on January 9. It was established to recognize the contribution of the overseas Indian community to the country's development.

According to statistics, India has the second-largest overseas community in the world after China. Indian diaspora numbers over 20 million people. It is composed of non-resident Indians (NRI) and persons of Indian origin (PIO).

Non-resident Indians (NRI) are citizens of India who hold an Indian passport and have temporarily immigrated to another country. The main reasons for immigration include employment, education, and residence. Persons of Indian origin are not citizens of India.

Non-resident Indian Day was established in 2003 to celebrate non-resident Indians and persons of Indian origin, recognize their contributions, and demonstrate solidarity with the diaspora. It is celebrated on January 9 to commemorate the day Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in 1915.

The holiday is coordinated by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and a number of influential organizations and associations. Every year, the organizers choose a new theme for the day. Special events are attended by Indian delegates from all over the world.

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