Free Money Day Date in the current year: September 15, 2024

Free Money Day Free Money Day is a global event held annually on September 15. It is a social experiment that aims to promote economics based on sharing. The event was launched in 2011 by Post Growth Institute, an international group that explores paths to global prosperity that do not rely on economic growth.

The date of September 15 was chosen because on that day in 2008 global financial service form Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This filing is the largest bankruptcy filing in the history of the United States.

Free Money Day intends to raise awareness of the benefits of sharing economies and promote new types of economic activity. On this day, people are encouraged to give money to complete strangers at public places. They give two coins or bills at a time, asking the recipients to pass one of them to someone else.

Some people invent their own methods to hand money. For example, some coffee shop owners give their customers free coffee and asked them to give the corresponding amount of money to a stranger. People can hand money by leaving it in noticeable places or even give online via Twitter and other social media.

The amount of money to give a way is totally up to you. The organizers also encourage interacting with people you hand money.

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