National Grandmothers' Day in France Date in the current year: March 3, 2024

National Grandmothers' Day in France The first Sunday in March is National Grandmothers' Day in France. This holiday was introduced in 1987. On this day all grandmothers and women older than 55 are treated with a special respect.

The celebration was initiated by Café Grand'Mère, a coffee brand, that belongs to Kraft Jacobs Suchard. The holiday was created only for commercial purposes. But the tradition became very popular among the French. Every year the holiday grew its popularity and celebrations has wider range. Today national Grandmothers' Day is included into some French calendars, schools organize different concerts and events that honor grandmothers.

The majority of French grandmothers see their grandchildren at least once a week. One in three grannies dedicates half of her free time to the grandchildren and impatiently waits for the holiday. National Grandmother's Day became a good reason to gather all grandchildren together. Today all French grandmothers expect to get gifts and flowers from their beloved grandchildren.

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