International Sweater Vestival Date in the current year: December 6, 2024

International Sweater Vestival International Sweater Vestival is a parody of other celebrations and it encourages people wear a sweater vest to work. It's funny, but it's real and it's annually celebrated on the second Friday after Thanksgiving.

The history of this Vestival is murky: the only reliable information is that the term was coined by Carolyn Johnson, a reporter for the Boston daily newspaper The Boston Globe, and the festival was started in 2008. But whoever started it, he or she made a great deal – wearing sweater vests at work is the best thing that can be made during the cold and rainy season, when everyone needs is warmth and a bit of sun.

What does everyone have to do to celebrate Sweater Vestival? Everyone is encouraged to wear a sweater vest today. Wool, cashmere, mohair, rayon, acrylic, cotton, orlon and other sweater-like materials are accepted. All space-age materials, like fleece and goretex, that wick away moisture, come with strings and many pockets are not accepted as sweater vest. Even if they don't have sleeves and look like sweater vests! All people, who break the rules won't participate.

People with extra vests can bring them to work to share with colleagues, who don't have ones, thus everyone can participate in this funny Vestival.

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