Fire Service Workers' Day in Kyrgyzstan Date in the current year: June 15, 2024

Fire Service Workers' Day in Kyrgyzstan June 15 is annual date for celebration of Fire Service Workers' Day in Kyrgyzstan. This professional holiday was established in October 1994.

The first fire brigade was created in Kyrgyzstan on June 15, 1926. This important date became the basis for creation of Fire Service Workers' Day, which is a professional holiday for all people, employed by Fire Service of Kyrgyzstan.

The first Kyrgyz fire brigade consisted of 9 people. They used only 1 car and 4 horse-drawn carriages to fight fire. Another fire brigade appeared on the south of Kyrgyzstan three years later. As well as the first one, it was poorly built.

Nowadays Fire Service in Kyrgyzstan is provided with modern equipment, that allows effectively fight fire. Thousands of civilians and their valuable property are saved by firemen. Firemen's timely reactions and self-sacrificing work lets prevent numerous disasters, that can severely damage town and city infrastructure and affect life and development of society.

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