Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania Date in the current year: February 16, 2024

Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania is a Lithuanian public holiday celebrated on February 16 each year. It can be considered the country's Independence Day.

Lithuanian state was established in 1230s as the Great Duchy of Lithuania. In 1385, it formed a dynastic union with Poland. In 1569, both countries merged into a dualistic state, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Lithuania lost its independence completely after the Partitions of Poland occurred in the late 18th century.

The territory of Lithuania was ruled by the Russian Empire for more than a century. But the dissolution of the Russian Empire that followed the 1917 revolution provided an opportunity for Lithuania to proclaim its independence.

On February 16, 1918, the Council of Lithuania signed the Act of Independence of Lithuania. An independent state of Lithuania was restored as a democratic republic. Although soon Lithuania was forced to participate in the Wars of Independence which delayed international recognition of the new independent state, the Act of February 16 was an important milestone in the country's history.

Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania is one of Lithuania's public holidays, along with Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania, which commemorates the country's independence from the Soviet Union.

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