Day of National Revolution in Kyrgyzstan Date in the current year: March 24, 2017

Day of National Revolution in Kyrgyzstan Day of National Revolution is an important remembrance day in Kyrgyzstan observed on March 24. It commemorates the 2005 protest known as the First Kyrgyz Revolution or Tulip Revolution.

On February, 27, 2005, Kyrgyz parliamentary elections took place, followed by the run-offs on March, 13. Only six seats in the 75-member Supreme Council were won by the opposition. International observers claimed that the Kyrgyz elections fell short of international standards for democratic elections.

People believed that the elections were rigged by the government. The results of the elections led to widespread protest throughout Kyrgyzstan. People demanded the resignation of President Askar Akayev. On March 22, opposition leaders formed an interim government. On March 24, the old Kyrgyz Parliament dissolved itself, and the Parliament formed by the opposition achieved official recognition. Askar Akayev fled the country.

Although the Tulip Revolution saw some violence at its initial stage, it is typically reckoned among bloodless color revolutions. The anniversary of the overthrow of Akayev's regime is now an important observance in Kyrgyzstan referred to as Day of National Revolution.

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