Drug Control Authority Workers' Day in Kyrgyzstan Date in the current year: April 8, 2024

Drug Control Authority Workers' Day in Kyrgyzstan Employees of the Drug Control Authority of the Kyrgyz Republic observe their professional holiday, Drug Control Authority Workers' Day, on April 8. This is the holiday for those people who fight against the production and distribution of drugs in the country.

This holiday was officially established by the Government of Kyrgyzstan on November 16, 2006. Originally the holiday was celebrated on February 12 because this is the anniversary of the adoption of the law On the Drug Control Authority in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2004.

This law defined the role and the place of the authority in the executive branch of the state. It sets the basic rights, tasks and responsibilities, social and legal protection guarantees, financing support, material and technical provision. One of the articles of the law also orders annual celebration of Drug Control Authority Workers' Day.

The first observation of the holiday took place in 2007. In 2012 the date of the holiday was moved to April 8 by a corresponding decree.

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