Founders' Day (B-P Day) Date in the current year: February 22, 2024

Founders' Day (B-P Day) On February 22, members of the Scout movement celebrate Founders' Day, also known as B-P Day. It is dedicated to Robert Baden-Powell who founded the Scout Movement in the early 20th century.

Robert Baden-Powell was born on February 22, 1857. He served in the British Army from 1876 to 1910 and wrote several military books for scout training and military reconnaissance. Some of his books were also read by boys, so he decided to write a book specifically for them. His work Scouting for Boys was published in 1908.

A year earlier, in 1907, he held the first Brownsea Island Scout camp which is now considered to be the beginning of the Scout movement. The camp brought together about twenty boys from different social backgrounds.

In 1912, Baden-Powell married Olave Soames. Coincidentally, they shared the same birthday, although Olave was 22 years younger than Robert. Olave eventually became involved in the Girl Guide Movement.

Members of the Scout movement around the world celebrate Robert and Olave's shared birthday as Founders' Day. It is also known as B-P Day because Baden-Powell was sometimes referred to as B-P. By the way, the letters BP also refer to the Scout Motto, “Be Prepared”.

Girls Guides and Girl Scouts celebrate Baden-Powell's birthday as well, but they call it World Thinking Day rather than Founders' Day.

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