Candles Day in Estonia Date in the current year: February 2, 2019

Candles Day in Estonia Candles Day (Küünlapäev) in Estonia, that falls annually on February 2, is the celebration of breaking the winter in half. According to the folk calendar, its the first women's holiday, when they can set aside their work, have fun and drink wine.

It is said, that the backbone and heart of winter are broken on Candles Day. Different rituals, including cooking food, are common for celebration of the holiday. Porridge and pork are cooked as ritual meals. Another tradition is making the candles. According to belief, the candles made on this day burn brightly.

Candles Day is the first major holiday for women. They can go to the pub and relax, while men stay at home and do house chores. Women also should drink any red drink, like wine or red juice. It's believed, that drinking red drinks will make women look healthy.

The tradition to celebrate Candles Day is connected to Candlemas Day. The candles are consecrated and then used in the prayers for well-beeing and health of the members of the family.

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