Easter in Armenia Date in the current year: April 1, 2018

Easter in Armenia The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Easter according to the Gregorian calendar, it means, that the date coincides with Western practices. This holiday is one of the five major feasts of the Armenian Church and its folk name is Zatik.

Armenia has got its own traditions for Easter celebration. The feast begins in the evening of Holy Saturday following the ceremony of Andastan. This ceremony is devoted to blessing of the four corners of the world. Traditional figures, symbolizing luck for home and family, are traditionally made on Easter. These figures should be decorated with 49 stones and an onion.

Easter colored eggs are traditional for many cultures, as well as for Armenia. The eggs should be colored red, since it's the color of the sun. Another interesting Armenian Easter tradition is tress consecration. According to this tradition, elderly Armenian women hold a candle in hands and consecrate trees in the Easter morning. Traditional Armenian Easter meals are kutap (a staffed pastry), pilaf, cooked greens.

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