National Police Day in Thailand Date in the current year: October 17, 2024

National Police Day in Thailand Thailand has many national observances that are regulated by government, but they are not always observed as actual holidays. One of such observances is National Police Day, celebrated annually on October 17.

National Police Day is celebrated in Thailand in various ways. Every city and police station of the Royal Thai Police organizes its own ceremonies and presentations that are mainly designed to increase cooperation with the public.

The celebration of National Police Day is usually opened in the morning by a solemn speech in front of the local police station. The ceremony is attended by the authorities and religious leaders. The mayor's and chief police officer's speeches are followed by a memorial service, commemorating the officers who died in the line of duty. After the end of the official ceremony police officers and the public may enjoy various events, including sports competitions and a writing contest. The latter is open to the public and the willing persons may write an essay on one of the given themes. The best essays are awarded.

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