World Radio Day Date in the current year: February 13, 2024

World Radio Day World Radio Day is a United Nations observance that has been held on February 13 since 2012. It was originally proposed by Spain upon request of the Spanish Radio Academy.

World Radio Day was proclaimed by UNESCO General Conference on November 2, 2011. It is celebrated on February 13 because on this day in 1946, United Nations Radio began broadcasting from the UN headquarters in New York. UN Radio is the voice of the United Nations aimed at promoting the universal ideas of the UN.

On World Radio Day, numerous events are held by international, national and regional broadcasters, broadcasting unions, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals. They are aimed at celebrating radio as a medium, promoting freedom of expression and free access to information, improving cooperation between radio broadcasters all over the world.

After the proclamation of World Radio Fay, the International WRD Committee was formed by several important broadcasting organizations. The committee launched an interactive platform that allows people to upload audio messages to tell the world why radio is important to them. In 2013, people from 48 countries left approximately 500 messages on the website.

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