Aviation Day in Armenia Date in the current year: June 16, 2024

Aviation Day in Armenia The third Sunday in June is Aviation Day in Armenia. This professional holiday was established to commemorate completion of formation of the aviation units of the Armenian Air Force in 1992.

The Armenian Air Force is one of the three service branches of the Armenian Army. Air Force was organized and equipped principally to provide ground forces with tactical air support. The branch was created in 1992, and their professional holiday was established in 1997.

The Armenian Air Force insignia is a roundel, that consists of three concentric circles, pained in colors of Armenian national flag. External circle is red, the circle in the middle is blue and the inner one is orange.

Personnel of the Armenian Air Force is trained at the Military Aviation Institute in Yerevan, that was established in 1993. The pilots of this institute undertake a basic primary training course, including 80 hours on the Yak-52 aircraft and 60 hours on the L-39. Helicopters Mi-2 are also available for helicopter air crews trainings.

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