Holy Translator's Day in Armenia Date in the current year: October 12, 2024

Holy Translator's Day in Armenia Translators and interpreters in Armenia annually celebrate their processional day on the second Saturday in October, that is known as Holy Translator's Day or Targmanchats. This is an official observance, that was created by the Armenian Apostolic Church in order to honor a group of literary figures, who translated the Bible into Armenian language.

Conversion of Armenia to Christianity required the translation of the Holy Bible and creation of masses in Armenia. But first there was a need to create a new alphabet, that would meet the requirements of that time. Armenian alphabet was invented by saints Mesrop Mashtots, Sahak Partev and King of Armenia Vramshapuh. The group of translators translated the Old Testament, while Mesrop Mashtots translated the New Testament.

The translators of the Holy Bible were canonized by the Armenian church. Celebration the feast of Holy Translator's Day commemorates the people, who created the Armenian alphabet and became the founders of Armenian literature, written language and schools.

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