Feast Day of St. Apollonia Date in the current year: February 9, 2024

Feast Day of St. Apollonia Saint Apollonia is the patroness of dentistry and all those who suffer from toothache or any kind of dental problems. Christians celebrate the feast day of St. Apollonia annually on February 9.

Saint Apollona was one of the martyrs who suffered during an uprising against the Christians when Alexandria was under the rule of the Roman Emperor Trajan Decius. According to legend, one of her tortures included having all her teath violently shattered or pulled out. This was the reason why Saint Apollonia came to be regarded as the patroness of dentists and people who suffer from dental problems. She is very often depicted holding tongs with a tooth in them.

Apollonia died in the fire, voluntarily accepting this kind of death on her will. Apollonia refused to renounce her faith, which is why she was threatened to be burned alive. She asked for a little freedom that she spent on a quick prayer. After that she sprang into the fire and was burned to death.

The relics of St. Apollonia were preserved in the former church of St. Apollonia in Rome. Now their pieces are kept in churches and basilicas in Italy, Belgium and France.

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