Merelots – Remembrance Day of the Dead in Armenia Date in the current year: January 7, 2024

Merelots – Remembrance Day of the Dead in Armenia 7 January is Merelots, the Remembrance Day of the Dead that is observed in the Armenian Apostolic Church. This holiday is observed five times as far as it follows five major religious holidays.

The first Merelots is on January 7 right after Christmas and Epihany that is on January 6. The next Remembrance Days of the Dead follow Easter, Feast of the Transfiguration, Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary and the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

This day the priests serve special Divine Liturgy that is followed by the memorial service in memory of those who have passed away. Everyone visits the graves of their relatives and friends after the end of the memorial service.

This holiday is not only aimed to remember the dead relatives and friends. It is reminds people to congratulate their alive relatives and friends, be merciful and kind to others.

Since 2008 Merelots became the official day off in Armenia.

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