Sabantuy in Azerbaijan Date in the current year: July 15, 2019

Sabantuy in Azerbaijan Sabantuy is an annual summer festival of the Tatar, Bashkir and Idel-Uralian nationalities. It's annually observed on July 5. Over the centuries this festival has became the visit card of the named nationalities.

The festival of Sabantuy was originally celebrated by Tatars. Celebration of this summer festival can be traced to as early as 921. It's believed, that traditional songs and other customs of the festival had a religious character.

Later with the spread of Islam among Tatars and Bashkirs and Christianity among Chuvashs, the festival became a secular holiday. The festival was recognized on a national level by the Soviet authorities.

There are various traditions of Sabantuy. One of the most distinctive men element of celebration of the festival, is sports competitions (wrestling, horse racing, pillar-climbing, race-in-sack etc). Children of the village are treated with a ritual porridge, that is cooked on the eve of Sabantuy. During the last years, celebration of Sabantuy also became associated with folk and pop music festivals.

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