World Pneumonia Day Date in the current year: November 12, 2024

World Pneumonia Day World Pneumonia Day is annually observed on November 12 since 2009. This observance was introduced to raise public awareness of the death toll among children under 5 caused by pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a curable disease, a wide range of antibiotics exists to cure it on early stages. However, this disease isn't paid much attention to by mass media, that is why people don't know about its danger. Annually around 155 million children under 5 are infected with one of the bacteria or virus causing pneumonia. About 1.6 million children die, that makes pneumonia the number one killer of children, claiming more lives than malaria, measles and AIDS combined.

World famous celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Hugh Laurie, call to action against pneumonia and participate in observance of World Pneumonia Day. The WHO and UNICEF also annually organize a global action against pneumonia, stating, that 1 million children will be saved, if the vaccine is introduced in the poorest countries.

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