Universal Children's Day in Australia Date in the current year: October 23, 2024

Universal Children's Day in Australia Universal Children's Day in Australia is celebrated every year on the fourth Wednesday in October. This holiday is a part of Children's Week, a major event dedicated to rights of children.

In 1954 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed Universal Children's Day to be celebrated on November 20 and asked every nation to determine their own dates for this holiday. In Australia, it was decided to celebrate in October.

Before 1977 every state of Australia chose its own dates to celebrate Children's Week. During the 1980 the Commonwealth government promoted celebration of Universal Children's Day and requested every state and territory to agree one single celebration of Children's Week. It also offered them $2,000 each to encourage celebration of the holiday. The new tradition was born and since then Children's Week begins in Australia on Saturday before Universal Children's Day and ends on Sunday after it.

In 1996 this holiday received a permanent theme “A Caring World Shares” and since then all activities relating to this day are aimed at taking actions for children's rights and improving their life conditions.

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