Oil Industry Workers' Day in Azerbaijan Date in the current year: September 20, 2019

Oil Industry Workers' Day in Azerbaijan Oil Industry Worker's Day is one of the professional days in Azerbaijan. This day was established by the fourth President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in 2001. This day is observed by the workers of oil industry of Azerbaijan every year on September 20.

Establishment of this professional day is connected with another remarkable event in the history of Azerbaijan. In 1994, an agreement on productional sharing of oil was signed in Azerbaijan. According to this agreement, the country got over 57 billion U.S. dollars for exploration and development of oil deep-water fields. This agreement impacted the further development of oil industry and the economy of Azerbaijan as a whole.

Workers of oil industry of Azerbaijan annually celebrate their professional holiday. They accept congratulations from their relatives, friends, colleagues and authorities of the country. Oil Industry Workers' Day is not one of the non-working holidays, unless it falls on the weekend.

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