National Press Day in Azerbaijan Date in the current year: July 22, 2024

National Press Day in Azerbaijan National Press Day in Azerbaijan is celebrated on June 22 each year. This professional holiday commemorates the anniversary of the first publication of Akinchi (Ekinchi), the first newspaper fully printed in the Azerbaijani language in the Russian Empire.

Akinchi was founded by Hasan bey Zardabi. The word “Akinchi” is translated from Azerbaijani as “plowmen”. Such a name referred to the paper's target audience: Akinchi was addressed primarily to the peasant reader. The first issue was printed on July 22, 1875 in the city of Baku (now the capital of Azerbaijan).

In 1877, the periodical was shut down for a number of reasons. Nevertheless, Akinch had a profound impact on the development of journalism in Azerbaijan. Over the next couple of decades, several Azerbaijani newspapers and magazines emerged.

The new stage in the development of press in Azerbaijan began in 1998, when President Heydar Aliyev abolished media censorship. In 2010, the day of the first publication of Akinchi was declared as the National Press Day by President Ilham Aliyev.

National Press Day in Azerbaijan focuses on celebrating the contribution of journalists to the society. It also raises public awareness of the importance of free and democratic press that promotes tolerance and pluralism.

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