Gas Sector Day in Azerbaijan Date in the current year: June 20, 2024

Gas Sector Day in Azerbaijan Gas Sector Day is an official professional holiday in Azerbaijan celebrated on June 20 each year. It was established by President Ilham Aliyev in 2006 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the creation of Azerbaijani gas sector.

Two-thirds of Azerbaijan is rich in natural gas and oil, which makes the country one of the world's largest gas producers. As of 2013, it produces about 29 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Azerbaijan's largest natural gas field is the Shah Deniz field situated in the South Caspian Sea.

The Shah Deniz field was discovered in 1999. Gas production started in late 2006. That same year, South Caucasus Pipeline began operation, transporting gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey through Georgia. Shareholders of the Shah Deniz gas field are BP, Statoil, NICO, Total, Lukoil, SOCAR and TPAO.

Gas Sector Day is considered to be a significant professional holiday in Azerbaijan's calendar because gas industry is one of the most important sectors of the country's economy. On June 20, all gas sector workers in Azerbaijan receive congratulations and are thanked for their hard work and significant contribution to the country's development and prosperity. Gas Sector Day is not a non-working holiday.

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