National Salvation Day in Azerbaijan Date in the current year: June 15, 2024

National Salvation Day in Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev rose to power in Azerbaijan on June 15, 1993. This important day is annually commemorated in Azerbaijan as National Salvation Day.

At the beginning of 1993 political situation in Azerbaijan was disastrous. Azerbaijani Popular Front failed to govern the country, which almost led to outbreak of a civil war in 1992. The first President of Azerbaijan Abulfaz Elchibey was elected on June 7, 1992, but he was overthrown by military coup under leadership of Colonel Surat Huseynov. The insurrection resulted in rise of power of the former Soviet leader of Azerbaijan Heyday Aliyev.

Heydar Aliev was invited to Azerbaijan to govern the country, and the politician accepted this proposal. He arrived to Azerbaijan on June 9, 1993 to mediate the crisis. Aliev was elected Chairman of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan on June 15 and in October he was elected President.

The proposal of establishment of National Salvation Day was made in 1997 and in 1998 it was officially included to the list of public and national holidays of Azerbaijan.

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