Police Day in Moldova Date in the current year: December 18, 2024

Police Day in Moldova Police Day is an official professional holiday in Moldova celebrated on December 18. This date was chosen to commemorate the Law “On Police” adopted on December 18, 1990. The law defines the role of the police in the system of the state bodies and determines its main tasks.

The police force of the Republic of Moldova is a department of the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was created in 1990 as the direct successor of the Soviet Militsia. It is empowered by the state to protect life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as the interests of the society and the state against criminal and other illegal encroachments.

According to the Law “On Police”, the main task of Moldovan Police are:

  • Protection of life, health, honor, dignity, rights, freedoms, interests, and property of citizens against criminal and other illegal encroachments.
  • Crime prevention.
  • Criminal investigation and tracing of crime suspects.
  • Ensuring public safety.

Moldovan police force is subdivided into state police and municipal police. State police perform their duties throughout the country, while municipal police operate on the territory of specific municipal units. State police and municipal police cooperate closely with each other.

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