Grandmother's Day in Moldova Date in the current year: September 28, 2024

Grandmother's Day in Moldova The last Saturday in September is Grandmother's Day in Moldova. This holiday was established under initiative of Taisia Voronina, First Lady of Moldova, in 2007.

Establishment of Grandmother's Day as one of the cultural holidays, dedicated to honoring the role of grandmothers in the life of every family, was supported by the Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child.

Celebration of Grandmother's Day is aimed at strengthening family bonds and national values. Parents spend too much time for earning money and they can't pay enough attention to children, that is why grandmothers bear responsibility for educating and upbringing their grandchildren.

Grandmother's Day is called in Moldavian Zuia bunicii, that can be translated as “grandmother’s and grandfather's day”. Grandchildren congratulate their grandparents on this day. Grandparents together with their grandchildren attend special events, that are organized in every city across the country and together enjoy the holiday.

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