Children's Day in Nepal Date in the current year: September 14, 2024

Children's Day in Nepal Nepal is the land of festivals and colorful events, that people enjoy very much. One of the most favorite non-religious events in Nepal is Children's Day, that's annually celebrated on September 14 (or September 15 in leap years).

The history of Children's Day in Nepal is very long. Originally this day was celebrated on August 19, coinciding with birthday anniversary of Queen Ratna, Queen Mother from 1972 to 2008. Queen Ratna was very famous for her social work and helping children, that's why her birthday was the perfect day for Children's Day. In 2008 the Nepalese monarchy was abolished and Children's Day was moved to September and since then the date remains unchanged.

Children's welfare is payed much attention to in Nepal. Schools and kindergartens organize special parties and events to entertain kids. Although the government of Nepal is working on improvement of life of children, many of them live on the streets or work at dangerous places. Many children have to work to earn money instead of attending school.

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