Children's day in Hungary Date in the current year: May 26, 2024

Children's day in Hungary It's believed, that celebration of Children's Day in Hungary takes roots in Turkey, where adults honored all children on a special day. Whether it's so or not, Children's Day is celebrated in Hungary on the last Sunday in May.

The tradition to celebrate Children's Day was born in Hungary in 1931, but then it wasn't just a special day. The festive events were running a whole week. Later the week of celebration was shortened to one day only, for children's regret.

Children's Day is a special day in Hungary. Parents allow their children do whatever they want to and visit any place they would like to. Zoos and amusement parks become very popular on this day. Children also chose where they'd like to eat. Parents can't say “No”, because it's Children's Day and they do nearly everything for them.

The weather may spoil all outdoor events, however, children won't be upset, because they make ask their parents for any present they want to. Many children choose this option and get some things, they were dreaming of for a long time.

The government of Hungary remembers about celebration of Children's Day and makes local authorities and governmental institutions responsible for organization of special events for children. These cultural and educational events are focused on children's well-being. Parents are also welcomed to participate.

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