National Army Day in Moldova Date in the current year: September 3, 2024

National Army Day in Moldova The Republic of Moldova annually observes a holiday of National Army Day. This national holiday was established to celebrate the anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of Moldova in 1991.

One week after Moldova had gained independence from the Soviet Union, the head of the state signed a decree On the Formation of the Armed Forces. This was the first step to the formation of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova.

According to the Constitution of Moldova, that was adopted in 1994, Moldovan Armed Forces guarantee national security of the state. The process of formation of the Moldovan Armed Forces finished only in 1997.

Nowadays the Moldovan Armed Forces consist of the Ground Forces and Air Defense Forces. The Ground Forces are organized into 3 motor rifle brigades, 1 artillery brigade and 1 reconnaissance battalion. The Air Forces are organized in 1 fighter regiment, 1 helicopter squadron and 1 missile brigade.

The Moldovan National Army is one of the most important institutions in independent Moldova. Annually the military personnel and civilians celebrate National Army Day on national level.

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