Historian's Day in Moldova Date in the current year: June 18, 2024

Historian's Day in Moldova Historian's Day is annually observed in Moldova on June 18. This is a new holiday, that was established in 2011, that is why it didn't gain much popularity, however, historians in Moldova never forget about their professional holiday.

Historian's Day was established in Moldova under initiative of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the Association of Historians of the Republic of Moldova. The date of celebration was chosen June 18, since it's connected with the anniversary of foundation of the Association of Historians in 1989. This association plays a very important role in organizing and coordinating of the work of historians across the country and it's a reputable organization among historians.

There are numerous historical monuments on the territory of Moldova. These monument should be carefully studied and securely protected. Moldavian historians struggle for keeping ancient monuments, the oldest of them date to the 13-14th centuries, and they are a historical and cultural heritage of the county.

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