Prosecutors' Day in Moldova Date in the current year: January 29, 2024

Prosecutors' Day in Moldova Prosecutors' Day in Moldova is celebrated annually on January 29. This holiday was established in 1992 after adoption of the Law 902-XII “On Prosecution”.

General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Moldova, working withing the Judicial Power, was created by law from January 29, 1992. The Presidential Decree from January 26, 1996 made January 29 Prosecutor's Day in Moldova, the professional day of public prosecutors.

The prosecutor's office is very important for the well-being of Moldova. It's authorized to protect law and order, defend the rights of the citizens, lead criminal proceedings and represent prosecution in the courts of Moldova. It's also charged with providing legal assistance, protection of witnesses and victims of crimes.

The large database of theoretical and practical skills, the sense of justice, hard work and dedication are valuable skills for prosecutors. This official holidays was created to pay tribute to the prosecutors, who work everyday to ensure the well-being of the country and its society.

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