5 Signs You're Sexually Compatible With Your Partner

5 Signs You're Sexually Compatible With Your PartnerAlthough sex isn't the most important aspect of a relationship, for many couples sexual compatibility really matters. Once the initial sexual chemistry wears off, some couples discover that they are not so compatible as they thought they were, and their relationship begins to suffer. Here are five signs you're sexually compatible with your partner.

You touch each other a lot. We don't necessarily mean groping and other PDAs. Casual touching can also be a sign of sexual compatibility because it means you're comfortable enough around each other. Do you seem to gravitate towards each other even when you have company? If yes, there's definitely some chemistry going on.

You have matching sex drives. Some people need to have sex more often when others because they have higher libido. If you want to have sex nearly every day, and your partner thinks that once a week is enough, you have mismatching sex drives which is a sign of low compatibility. If a couple is compatible, they have similar sex drive. That doesn't mean that couples with a mismatch in sex drive are doomed, but they need to find a balance so that each partner is satisfied.

You have similar kinks. You don't have to be kinky to have a fulfilling sex life. A lot of people enjoy vanilla sex and don't feel like missing out. However, if you do have kinks, it is important that your partner shares them. If you're on opposite sides of the “vanilla – kinky” spectrum, you will have to negotiate your kinks and tell each other what you are or are not willing to try. You can discover a lot about yourself from having a partner who gets off on different things then you. But remember that you don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with.

You are not afraid to talk about sex. Sex with a new partner isn't always great from the very start, even when there's a spark. Talking about your sexual preferences is one of the easiest and at the same time one of the scariest ways to make it better. If you can tell each other what you like and don't like in sex and hear each other out without judgment, you're pretty compatible. Talking about sex might be awkward, but one awkward talk is better than dozens of awkward sex moments.

Both of you make an effort. Sex doesn't always have to be give and take in the literal sense (like cunnilingus for a blow job or blow job for a blow job/cunnilingus for cunnilingus if that is what you prefer). However, it is important to give as well as take. A good relationship is where both partners make sure their significant other receives pleasure in bed. Sometimes making your partner feel good means giving up some of your pleasure, but if you have a good partner, they will make it up to you.

Remember that sexual compatibility isn't a constant, it is possible to develop it by communicating, compromising and caring for each other. But sometimes two people are just too different and can do nothing about it. However, there's still a chance that each of them will meat their ideal partner some day.



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