How Long Should Sex Really Last?

How Long Should Sex Really Last?Many men and women are not satisfied with the duration of sex they have and want to change it. Do they need it to last longer or shorter? Of course, longer, otherwise everyone would be happy. But do you know, how long should sex really last?

This information is primarily useful for men, because it depends on them, how much time they and their partner will spend in bed, including foreplay and active moves. But before we go the most interesting things, let's say a couple of words about the average sex time. The average time for sex (with foreplay included) lasts only from 5 to 7 minutes, and it's very sad, especially for those, who dream about penetration all night long, well, at least an hour. But what do men and women think about their ideal duration of sex?

Men think, that there is no ideal time for sex, however, according to one study, many of them agree, that is should last much longer, than it actually does. And moreover, many men wish it to last at least half an hour.

In 2012, a sex tape was distributed over the Internet, containing the video of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian look-alike in their bedroom. The distribution was successfully stopped by Kanye, but those who's seen it said, that it was incredibly long – 40 minutes of active moves. Men can only awe the duration, while women are rather skeptic about it. And the fact is that men usually can't last so long, while women really need it.

The ideal duration of sex for women is somewhere between 15 and 40 minutes, and the foreplay is not included. Women wish the foreplay last about 19 minutes, while men think that 11 minutes is more than enough before they get to penetration.

So why does it take women so much time to come? It's caused by the fact, that women need to focus, and the rhythm should be consistent. Moreover, the partner should also pay more attention to clitoris, because it's also responsible for women's orgasm. The blending of all elements is essential in foreplay and intercourse, and it means, that the more time is spent for foreplay, the better it is for her orgasm.

So now let's answer the question, how long should sex really last? In fact, it should last as long as it takes. And if you or your partner are not satisfied with this time, you both can do something to last longer or get off.

Men can use different techniques, that will help them last longer in bed, like stopping every time they feel the urge to come. And women who can't reach the top, while the partner lasts, should use sex toys. For instance, they can be used to rub the clitoris, while the partner is penetrating in a consistent rhythm.



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