3 Reasons Reading Erotica Can Harm Your Sex Life

3 Reasons Reading Erotica Can Harm Your Sex LifeWhile most men prefer to watch porn, a lot of women enjoy reading erotic stories and novels. There are different kinds of erotic books, and many of them are so explicit that they can be considered porn. So there isn't that much difference between men who watch porn and women who read erotica. In fact, reading too much erotica can harm your sex life, just like watching too much porn can.

We've already mentioned that there are different kinds of erotica, from sophisticated erotic literature to cheap bodice rippers and the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey” that can be considered the epitome of low-quality erotic literature. Erotica as a genre isn't bad per se, it can even be helpful because reading erotica helps us discover new kinks and become less inhibited. However, in the long run, reading too much erotic and/or pornographic literature is harmful for a number of reasons.

Reason 1. Erotica is often unrealistic. Many authors of erotic works describe idealized sex with multiple orgasms. However, real-life sex is different. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's mediocre or even bad, but it is almost never picture perfect. Women who read too much erotica are often disappointed in real-life sex because it's not so good as sex portrayed in erotica (although it simply cannot be).

Reason 2. Erotica causes dissociation during sex. Women who read too much erotica often dissociate during sex, i.e. they start fantasizing and are not really present with their partner. Although fantasizing about someone else or something else when you're having sex isn't exactly cheating, we doubt that their partners would be happy if they found out. Dissociation during sex prevents your from actually enjoying lovemaking.

Reason 3. Erotica sometimes romanticizes rape culture and abuse. Of course, this can't be said about all erotic literature, but there are many books that make unhealthy relationships look romantic. For example, E. L. James claims that her novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” is about BDSM, whereas in reality it is about abuse because there is nothing safe, sane, and consensual in the relationship between Anastasia and Christian. Likewise, many bodice rippers romanticize rape culture: the heroine is forced to have sex with the hero, but eventually falls in love with him.

The bottom line is, erotica isn't inherently good or bad. It is capable of both improving your sex life or harming it. If you find reading erotica arousing, it's okay. But you should choose high-quality literature and never get lost in the world of erotic fantasies. Use erotica as inspiration and learn to enjoy the reality.



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