How to Make Your Girl Get Interested in Porn

How to Make Your Girl Get Interested in PornMen love porn, while women are more likely to be disgusted with the only mention about it. However, it can spice up your sex life, if you watch it together with your girlfriend and do it right. So now we get closer to the most complicated task ever, that is make your girl get interested in porn.

There are many ways you can incorporate porn into your sex life, but don't haste with it, because you won't achieve the desirable result. Take it slow and be conscious about things you do, only this way you will be able to make your girl watch porn and enjoy it as well as you do.

Find the right time to talk about it. Imagine a situation, that you come with the idea “Hey, why don't we watch porn?” in the middle of something physical with your girl, or when she's together with her friends. It's likely that the idea will be dismissed as well as you. So find the right time for it, for instance, when you're alone, and do it calmly. Mention it as if the idea is a passing thought, it will make your girl intrigued to know more why you want it.

Explain, why it means so much for you. There are many reasons, why you want your girl watch porn with you, so you need to explain them. Do you find it sexy? Then tell it. Do you think that it can spice up your already great sex? Tell it. Do you think that it would help your arousal? Tell it.

Choose the porn for couples. Once your girl is interested in watching porn together with you, then find the video that is suitable for two of you. Looking at three girls in their prime will likely turn your girl off right away. So choose the video that your girl is likely to like. Then after let her pick up something to her liking.

Show how much it's better. You've started watching porn with your girl, because it's better with it, so show it. Once your girl sees that it definitely revs your engine, she is likely to continue this behavior.

Pay attention to your girl. While watching porn, don't forget about your girl. The women in the video are not reachable, while you have the best girl in the world lying here naked next to you.

Don't pressure her. Don't make porn become a constant part of your foreplay. Nagging about it will make things go worse, by the way, your girl will think, that you're addicted to porn and can't do anything without it. She will definitely stop this behavior, if you're pressing on watching it every time or show your addiction to it. And who needs a guy, who can't come without watching others doing it?



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