How to Make Your Semen Taste Better

How to Make Your Semen Taste BetterGiving blow jobs during sex is what many girls like to do, but swallowing the cum isn't always easy, because it may taste disgusting. The taste of your semen is like the taste of your body, and we think that you'd like your partner to enjoy every part of you, even if it doesn't belong to you anymore. These tips will help you make your semen taste better.

There are many things that influence the taste of cum, and mostly they are foods and beverages you consume. Also keep in mind, that healthy body produces tastier semen, without any additional foul flavor. So if you want your cum to taste better to your partner, then go through physical checkup and eat healthy food.

Many foods make the taste of semen bitter. And if it's bitter, then no one likes swallowing it. So if you don't want your semen taste like a fresh leaves of chicory, then keep away from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. All of these negatively affect your body and the taste of your cum. Different chemicals in food also influence on the taste of the semen and make it bitter. So if you're fond of eating burgers, then you'd better rethink your diet, because all junk food makes your semen taste bitter.

Many people can't wake up without a cup of coffee and keep on drinking it during the day. However, if you're expecting a blow job in the night, you'd better avoid drinking too much caffeine, because it's known to make your semen taste bitter.

Your cum may taste also saltier than usual, and it's also not very pleasurable for your partner. Well, if you want to improve the taste of your semen and reduce its saltiness, then avoid diary products. It's also believed, that eating red meat makes semen taste salty. However, there's also another opinion, considering red meat. Some say, that it gives semen a buttery taste.

Your semen might have a foul flavor due to consumption of foods with high sulfur content. No matter how cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are healthy, eating them will make your semen taste foul. By the way, onion and garlic will affect the flavor of your semen and make it not very good.

Now let's see, what food you should eat in order to make your cum sweeter. First of all try to consume as much fruits as possible. Fruits are loaded with sucrose, that is natural sugar. It's high level in your body will make your semen sweeter. Eat any sweet berries and fruit you want to and your partner will be surprised with the taste your semen has.

The pineapple juice is known as the best product to make your semen taste sweeter. Drinking a glass or two during the day will produce the desirable effect.

If you want to change the flavor of your semen and make it tastier, then you should eat more celery and parsley. Also all spices with strong smell affect the flavor of your cum, that's why it's highly recommended to eat more cinnamon and cardamom.

If you fail to change your diet and include the foods that affect the flavor and taste of your semen, then at least try to drink more water. It will wash out the toxins and make your semen not so salty.



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