To Swallow or Not to Swallow?

To Swallow or Not to Swallow?A lot of “beginner's guides to blow jobs” claim that swallowing your partner's sperm when he ejaculates during a blow job is one of the hottest and intimate things you can do. They also claim that a guy would be offended if you spit. But is this really true? Does a great blow job necessarily involve swallowing? Let's find the answer to the big question: “To swallow or not to swallow?”

Actually, the answer is very simple: it's up to you to decide. You, not your partner or some sex columnist. When it comes to sex, you don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with. Having said that, let us dwell on the topic of swallowing vs. spitting some more.

When you give a blow job, you have three options of what to do when your partner comes: you can swallow his sperm, you can let him come into your mouth and then spit, and you can take your mouth off him when he's about to come and jerk him off onto his stomach, your breasts or your face (whatever you are comfortable with). All three options are completely acceptable. In fact, spitting or jacking off is definitely more preferable than trying to swallow and throwing up.

If you're not comfortable with swallowing, tell your partner beforehand so he can warn you when he's about to come. And keep some tissues on your bedside table, they will come in handy whichever of the other two options you choose: you will either spit into a tissue or use it to clean up the mess.

But what about swallowing as the demonstration of true low and intimacy? That's bullshit! There are millions of ways to show your partner you love him, and swallowing his spunk is nowhere near the top of this list. If your partner demands that you swallow to show him you love him, you're dating a jerk. Decent men don't get offended when their partner doesn't enjoy the taste of their sperm because they realize it doesn't exactly taste like the nectar of the gods.

By the way, if you do swallow (or let him come into your mouth and then spit) and the guy refuses to kiss you afterwards, he's a dick who doesn't deserve your blow jobs. So he doesn't like the taste of his own come but expects you to like or at least tolerated it? There is a double standard here. The same goes for the situation when he doesn't want to go down on you but expects you to go down on him. Of course, there are different circumstances, but when a guy ignores your boundaries and disrespects you, you should definitely ditch him.

The bottom line is, you don't have to swallow if you don't want to, but there is nothing wrong with swallowing as well. It is not humiliating if you choose to do it and even enjoy doing it. In fact, there is nothing wrong with any sex act between consenting, of age partners.



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