What Do Common Sex Dreams Really Mean?

What Do Common Sex Dreams Really Mean?Pretty much everyone dreams about sex every now and then. Sometimes sex dreams are extremely hot, but they can also be disturbing and borderline creepy. A lot of people get freaked out because of strange sex dreams, but usually there is nothing to worry about: most dreams must not be interpreted literally. What do common sex dreams really mean?

Adultery. If you dream about having sex with someone other than your partner, this doesn't necessarily mean that you actually want to cheat of them. Such a dream may mean two things. First, it may reflect your sense of guilt (not necessarily related to cheating). Second, it may represent the reaffirmation for your sexual passion with your partner. If you dream about your partner cheating on you, it probably means that you don't get enough attention in you relationship and/or have self-esteem issues.

Incest. Incestuous sex dreams are disturbing and gross, they leave us feeling anxious and unsettled when we wake up. Yet again, you mustn’t interpret them literally. Dreaming about having sex with a family member doesn't equal wanting to have sex with them. If you've never had a real-life experience with incest, such dreams may represent forgiveness, acceptance, a longing to be closer to your family or admiration with a particular family member. Sex with a parent may symbolize transitioning into adulthood or parenthood.

Homosexual sex. Even 100% straight people can dream about having sex with a person of the same sex (which typically freaks them out). Most of homosexual sex dreams are about self-esteem and accepting the parts of yourself you might not like. If you've dreamed about having sex with a friend of the same sex, this may mean that you have insecurities about your friendship or that you have become estranged and want to revive the friendship you used to have.

Sex with a celebrity. Although you might really want to have sex with your celebrity crush, celebrity sex may mean more than just that. Such dreams may represent your desire to attain more recognition and boost your social status. In other words, you want to become a celebrity yourself or get as close to this status as possible.

Sex with an ex. Well, this one is easy. Dreaming about having sex with your ex typically means you haven't gotten over them. Maybe you don't want to get back together, but you still have feelings you need to process. If you're already dating someone new, dreams about sex with your ex might signify insecurities and fears you are having about your new relationship. Such dreams imply that you need to get closure and move on.

Sex with a stranger. A lot of people have sex dreams about strangers, the dream stranger is often wearing a mask or doesn't have a face at all. Dreams about sex with a faceless stranger may hint that you have a hidden talent you need to reveal in order to boost your personal growth. Such dreams may also mean you are discovering qualities you want in your partner.



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