How to Give the Best Hand Job Ever

How to Give the Best Hand Job EverYou are great at giving blow job, but you can also use your hands to pleasure your man. It's handy, if you don't want to take his penis in your mouth, especially if you don't know anything about his past. So follow our useful tips on how to give the best hand job ever.

An average erected penis is 5-6 inches long, while an average mouth is 2-3 inches deep. Only hands can give your man total workout, unless you're going to take his penis down your throat. But good hand job isn't only about up and down moves. There are some things that you need to know.

#1 Use potion. You dry hands cause friction and it will hurt your man. Make your moves slick by using lube. It can be anything you want to: water or silicon lube, or if you don't have anything right now, then your spit will also help.

#2 His penis is not a flower. Don't be afraid to grip his penis firmly. It's not a flower, so no need for gentle touches. At the same time don't overdo it and watch his reaction. If your man is moaning or shows any others signs that he feels good, you're on the right way. And remember that it's like a massage: some like it harder and others prefer gentle moves.

#3 Watch the height. The height of your moves is determined only by how the foreskin is stretched as you move and how comfortable your man feels with it. For instance, if you pull down the foreskin too far, it will stretch beneath the glans and it will hurt. At the same time if you pull too high, you will hit the glans and it will hurt again. If you want to be sure about the things you do, you can watch how your man strokes himself.

#4 Speed. Determine how fast you need to move. You have to find out on your own, everything we can recommend you is to start slow and then go faster and faster. Watch your man, because too fast moves can hurt.

#5 Your fingers. Your palm is good for general strokes, but you can also use your fingers for giving the best hand job ever. Stop for a second and move your finger from his glans down to the balls. This motion will remind a gentle tongue stroke in a BJ.

#6 Use different moves. Your hand might go tired while you do the hand job. Well, you can give your leading hand some rest, while you continue with the other one. But if you don't want to, then use different moves, that will drive your man crazy and let your hand have some rest at the same time. For instance, rotate your wrist or both hands as you slide down.

#7 Tease his frenulum. It's one more tip how you can let your hand have some rest. You need to stroke his frenulum, a small patch of skin that joins his glans and shaft. Frenulum is extremely sensitive, so running your finger down it in a teasing foreplay is really enough.

#8 Go to the top. The top of his penis is very sensitive and you need to give this spot a priority. Here's the easiest way to do it: make a tight O with your fingers and put it over his glans. Now move your hand up and down just a couple of inches, this way you will stimulate his glans and frenulum at the same time.

#9 Use your free hand. Don't let your second hand dangle! You can stimulate the other parts of his body, for instance, stroke his balls, massage perineum (the area between anus at scrotum) or play with his anus.



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