5 Sexual Kinks to Put on Your Bucket List

5 Sexual Kinks to Put on Your Bucket ListEven if you enjoy having vanilla sex with your partner, you've probably thought about trying some unconventional practices and/or making some of your sexual fantasies become a reality. And that's perfectly normal, there is nothing wrong in being kinky as long as sex is consensual and enjoyable for both (or more) partners. Here are five sexual kinks to put on your bucket list – you have to try them at least once!

The term “kink” is strongly associated with the BDSM culture. However, there are a lot of kinks that don't have to involve any kind of power play and/or pain play. They will help you spice up you sex life. Just remember that it is important to do some research and talk it through before you try any even remotely unconventional sexual practice. Make sure you have a safeword, just in case.

#1. Bondage. Bondage play is one of the best known kinks. The term “bondage” refers to the practice of tying or restraining the partner. The restrained partner is typically sexually stimulated by oral sex, fingering, sex toys, or intercourse. Sometimes bondage is combined with sexual teasing and orgasm denial. Bondage play often involves blindfolding, but it doesn't necessarily have to. If you want to try bondage, start simple, for example, with tying your partner's hands with a scarf.

#2. Sex toys. The choice of sex toys offered by manufacturers is really impressive: various dildos and vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, Ben Wa balls, nipple clamps, cock rings... the list can go on and on. You don't have to try all of them, but we are strongly convinced that every couple should try using a vibrator at least once. Note that most toys can be used for both solo play and sex with a partner, but there are toys designed specifically for couples such as vibrating cock rings.

#3. Dressing up. You may ask, “Why dress up if you're going to end up naked anyway?” First, there is more to sex than intercourse, foreplay is just as important. Second, you don't have to end up naked. Clothed or half-dressed sex can be very hot! Dressing up for sex can involve lingerie (both women's and men's), shoe fetish, cross-dressing, or role-playing.

#4. Role-play. Sexual role-play is a common kink, it helps people act out their fantasies. For example, you've always dreamed of having spur-of-the-moment sex with a complete stranger, but you don't actually want to cheat on your partner and hook up with a random person. That's what role-play is for! You and your partner can assume different roles and try out dozens of sexy scenarios.

#5. Role reversal. If one of you is more active and/or dominant and the other is more passive/submissive, try to reverse the roles and see where it goes. We aren't saying that you should try role reversal every time you have sex (especially if you like the things as they are), but shaking things up a bit every now and then won't hurt. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try gender role reversal role-play (which doesn't necessarily include pegging, FYI).



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