4 Benefits of Post-Sex Cuddles

4 Benefits of Post-Sex CuddlesA lot of people, both women and men, like post-sex cuddles. According to research, couples that cuddle after sex are more satisfied with their sex life and relationship in general. Is it merely a coincidence? We don't think so. Here are four real benefits of post-sex cuddles.

1. They make you feel closer to your partner. We don't only mean physical closeness, which is obvious. Cuddling is associated with mental and emotional closeness as well. Cuddling makes us feel safe and loved, and that's what's the most important. The intimacy that comes with cuddling boosts your affection for each other.

2. They are a sign of appreciation. Saying “thank you” after sex is weird, but it's still important to let your partner know that you appreciate them. A lot of people are hurt when their partner loses interest immediately after sex, turns over and falls asleep, it makes them feel used. Post-coital cuddles are a great way of showing appreciation.

3. They can lead to round two. If the two of you stay physically close after sex, seemingly innocent cuddling can lead to another round of sex. When you cuddle with someone you're attracted to, your body releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's pleasure center. Higher levels of dopamine increase sexual desire, so your “after-play” can gradually become foreplay.

4. They are good for your health. Another hormone released during cuddling is oxytocin, often referred to as “happy hormone”. It has a complex effect on our body. First, oxytocin helps relieve pain. Well, it's not like sex is painful (and if it is, it's not normal), but oxytocin will help you cope with headache or bad mood. Second, it boosts your immune system.

Post-Sex Cuddling 101

To reap the benefits of post-sex cuddles, you need to follow a number of simple rules. Here is a brief guide to post-coital cuddling.

1. Give it some time. Perfunctory cuddles won't do you any good. Cuddle at least 15 minutes to make sure you really feel the closeness.

2. Don't be silent. We aren't saying that you should have long and meaningful conversations or discuss everyday chores. Stick to whispering sweet nothings and complimenting your partner to show them your affection and appreciation.

3. Make sure you're comfortable. If either of you feels uncomfortable during cuddling, it won't work. Luckily, there are a lot of cuddling positions, so you will be able to find at least a couple of positions that work for both of you.



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