How to Use Foods for a Foreplay

How to Use Foods for a ForeplayIf food is a foreplay, then sex is eating. And since you want to make your sexual life more interesting, use of different foods seems to be a great idea. Well, you really can use foods for a foreplay, and we are going to give you some tips concerning it.

Mango. When it comes to a foreplay, many would think about strawberries first and never consider mango. And it's wrong, because its smell and taste are perfect to jump your senses. Its flesh is very juicy, and it will be dripping off your fingers. Your partner will have to lick them, that is very sexy. However, if you don't like the mess that mango can produce, then go for strawberries.

Strawberries. These berries have the sensuality of mango, but at the same time they are not so messy. And there's nothing more sexier, then feeding your partner with strawberries. You can add some whipped cream or champagne, because both of them go well with strawberries. By the way, strawberries, as well as other berries, increase sex stamina.

Chocolate. Women love eating chocolate and it has its own benefits. It's sweet and good for women's sexual health. And if you have a sweet tooth, then using chocolate for a foreplay should be a great idea. Since chocolate melts on skin, you can use its quality for the foreplay. But remember, that in order to avoid sticky and brown sheets lick off chocolate from the skin of your partner completely. Also you can try chocolate syrup: squirt some on your partner's abdomen or between your hips and lick it off.

Whipped cream. Chocolate can be really sticky, while whipped cream is much easier to be licked off. Extra brownie points to whipped cream: it's fluffy, light and completely satisfying. If you don't know how to use whipped cream for a foreplay, then try spreading some on nipples, abdomen and legs.

Caramel and honey. These are two great bedroom desserts, and the thing is that heating them a bit makes them even better. Use the difference of temperatures during the foreplay to drive your partner crazy. Apply some warm (not hot!) caramel or honey on your partner's or your own body and lick it off. These two smell great and add some appetite to your sexual hunger.

Ice cream, popsicle or ice. These foods are great for a foreplay, because you can use them in many different ways. Ice cream and popsicle aren't only sweet, they are also good to play with temperature. Touch your partner's abdomen with some ice cream and then lick it off. Another idea: while you give your partner a BJ, lick some ice cream and then continue. The difference of temperatures will make your partner crazy.

No matter what kind of food you will choose to play with, remember one simple rule: keep it away from genitalia. The skin up there is very sensitive and anything can cause irritation. And let's face the truth: any sweet thing will make your pubic hair sticky, and it's not very sexy. The only food that is approved to be used everywhere is coconut oil. It's tasty and it's a great lubricant. However, remember, that any oil can make condom break.



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