How to Have Sex at Your Parents' House

How to Have Sex at Your Parents' HouseA lot of people fantasize about having sex in their childhood bedroom at their parents' house when they visit during holidays with their partner. However, when it actually comes to fulfilling the fantasy, things might get awkward. How to have sex at your parents' house without making things weird between you and your parents or you and your partner?

Tip #1. Make sure it is worth the risk. Asking your parents' permission for having sex with your partner is weird, especially when you're an adult, so you probably won't ask outright. However, you can draw conclusions from your sleeping arrangements. If your folks insist that you and your partner sleep in separate bedrooms, sneaking out to have sex won't be appreciated. If they're okay with you sharing a bedroom, they will probably be okay with you having sex, as soon as they don't hear anything.

Tip #2. Come prepared. If you need condoms and/or lube, buy the supplies beforehand. However, you'd better leave your fuzzy handcuffs and sex toys at home, your parents' house is not the best place to get kinky.

Tip #3. Keep it in your bedroom. While having sex in your parents' bedroom, shared bathroom or kitchen seems exciting, getting caught is not worth the risk. Vacation at your parents' place is not the best time to get adventurous with locations, so keep it in your bedroom and make sure you lock the door.

Tip #4. Keep it quiet. Even if your parents' know that you're not a virgin and have an active sex life, they most likely don't want to hear you get it on, just as you don't want to hear your parents have sex. So you need to be really quiet. If one or both of you are too vocal during sex, put on a movie or turn on the radio and crank up the volume to drown the noise.

Tip #5. Try having sex on the floor. Your childhood bedroom most likely has an old twin bed which is really uncomfortable (and probably squeaky). To relax and avoid weird squeaking sounds, throw a few blankets and pillows on the floor and have sex there. If you don't want to leave the bed, try spooning.

Tip #6. Find some privacy. If the thought that someone might hear you have sex makes you too uncomfortable, try to find more privacy. For example, you can have sex late at night or really early in the morning when everyone is sleeping (if there are no light sleepers in the house). Or you can simply ask your parents to go for a walk so that you can have the house to yourself.

Tip #7. Make sure you look presentable afterwards. Mussed hair and clothes put on inside out practically scream “We've just had sex!” Believe us, your parents really don't want to know how you look right after sex.



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