Sex Tips for Girls: Brief Guide to First-Time Sex

Sex Tips for Girls: Brief Guide to First-Time SexLosing your virginity is an exciting and at the same time scary prospect. However, you shouldn't be afraid of your first time if you have a partner you can trust. Penetrative sex should not cause excruciating pain or heavy bleeding. So what should your expect from your first time? Here is a brief guide to first-time sex.

Tip #1. Do your research. Before actually having sex, you need to do some research to know what's coming, it will make you feel less nervous. Check out trustworthy sites such as Planned Parenthood that won't tell you scary stories about how painful first sex is. We also suggest that you get to know your body before you have sex for the first time. Masturbation can be very good for you because it helps get comfortable with your sexuality.

Tip #2. Come prepared. Even if your partner is expected to take care of condoms, you should buy some just in case. Condoms are a must because they both help prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs. You should also buy some lubricant. A lot of girls don't get wet enough during their first time because of being nervous. Lubricant will ease the penetration and make the intercourse less painful and more pleasurable. Remember that oil-based lubricants mustn't be used with condoms, you should buy water- or silicone-based lube.

Tip #3. Don't rush. If you want your first intercourse to be pleasurable, you shouldn't rush. A quicky is definitely a bad option for your first time. When you're relaxed and aroused, your natural lubrication increases, making the penetration easier. Take your time and have a prolonged foreplay, then ask your partner to move slowly and gently. Don't be embarrassed if you're not wet enough and use the lube you've bought.

Tip #4. Communicate. You shouldn't be afraid to tell your partner what you like and don't like. Don't be afraid to ask him to slow down or use more lubrication. If you've chosen the right partner, he will be happy to oblige and make your first time as comfortable as he can.

Tip #5. Remember that you're in this together. Even if your partner is more experienced, he might feel as nervous as you do. First sex with a new partner isn't always emotionally easy, especially if said partner is a virgin. You should compliment and encourage each other and make sure neither of you feels pressured.

Tip #6. Don't set your expectations too high. Many girls don't reach orgasm during their first sex, and it's completely normal because female orgasm depends on psychological factors as well as physiological ones. Besides, a lot of women don't orgasm from vaginal stimulation. So don't expect to have an orgasm, and if you actually reach it, it will be icing on the cake.

Tip #7. Don't forgo aftercare. Post-sex cuddles are as important as foreplay and the intercourse itself. No matter how your first sex goes, you will probably be overwhelmed with all sorts of feelings afterwards, and being close to your partner might help cope with them. However, it is also perfectly okay to want some alone time to process your feelings by yourself.



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