8 Tips for Using a Condom

8 Tips for Using a CondomUsing a condom is not rocket science, especially if you've read our article on how to use a condom. However, there is a number of common mistakes people make while using condoms. Here are eight tips for using a condom that will help you prevent these mistakes.

Tip #1. Buy the right size. A condom that is too large may fall off and the condom that is too small may break, increasing the risk of unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). So be objective while evaluating the size of your penis and buying the condoms.

Tip #2. Check the expiration date. Yes, condoms can expire. Expired condoms or condoms that haven't been properly stored tend to break. So always check the expiration date of the condoms you're going to buy and please replace the condom in your wallet if it's been there for more than a month.

Tip #3. Never open the package with your teeth or nails. It can cause a tiny hole or rip that you won't notice immediately, and the condom will break in the process.

Tip #4. Always leave a space at the tip. If you forget to leave some space at the tip of the condom, there will be no room for semen to collect. You need to leave about a half-inch.

Tip #5. Use the right lubricant. You must remember that oil-based lubricants weaken the latex, making condoms break. The same goes for massage oils, lotions, Vaseline, moisturizer, and other makeshift lubricants. Water-based lubricants are the safest for use with condoms.

Tip #6. Use a new condom for every sex act or intercourse. Even if you haven't come, you need to put on a new condom when you switch between anal and vaginal sex. It will prevent vaginal infections that occur when bacteria from the anus are transferred into the vagina. In general, you should put on a new condom when switching between vaginal, oral, and anal, after ejaculating, and if the condom breaks. Besides, it is recommended that you change the condom when the intercourse lasts more than 30 minutes because friction can weaken the latex.

Tip #7. Use condoms for oral sex. Some STIs such as herpes can be transmitted during oral sex. Sure, when you're in a committed relationship and you both have clean bills of health, you can forgo condoms when you go down on each other. But if it's a one night stand, you should use condoms or dental dams for oral sex. And don't forget about tip #1: put on a new condom when you switch between oral and vaginal/anal sex.

Tip #8. Never flush used condoms down the toilet. Condoms don't dissolve in the water and often clog the plumbing. If you need to dispose of a used condom, wrap it in a tissue or put it in a paper bag and throw it in the trash.



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