How to Use a Condom

How to Use a CondomCondoms are the best way to protect yourself from STDs and avoid unwilling pregnancy. However, if you don't use condoms correctly, the chances that both of you are safe are very small. We're going to talk about how to use a condom properly.


You never know when you will need a condom, that's why you'd better have some stored in your nightstand or a small and hard case, that you can take with you. Remember, that condoms have to be stored in a dark and cool places away from heat and petroleum fumes. Exposing condoms to high and low temperatures can damage latex, thus their birth control effectiveness will be reduced.

Always check the expiration date of the condom you're going to use. If you see that the condom is already expired, dry or crinkly, don't use it.

Putting on

Condoms should be put only on the erected penis. Wearing condom just in case you might have sex isn't correct.

Open the condom with your hands. Never use any sharp instruments (like scissors) or your teeth. We understand, that your hands might be sweaty and it's hard to grip the wrapper, in this case you can ask your girl to do it for you. Sharp items can make a hole in the condom, that you will never see.

Apply some lube inside the tip of condom. Lubrication is very important, because it will make you feel much better and it will prevent breakage of condom. Be aware of the type of lube you use. Don't grab anything that seems slippery to you, like oils. Oils damage condoms and can cause the breakage.

Place condom on the tip of erected penis. Pinch the air out of the tip of the condom and make sure that it's about half inch away from penis. This place is required to collect your semen.

Now unroll the condom down your penis. If you're uncircumcised, then you should pull the foreskin back before unrolling the condom. If your condom doesn't unroll, it means that you have it on inside out. Start again with a new condom.

Smooth down any bubbles of air with your hand. There should be no air inside of the condom, because it can cause breakage during intercourse.

Now apply some lube outside the condom (for her pleasure) and you're ready.

Taking off

After you've ejaculated pull out before your penis softens. While you do it, hold condom at the base of your penis. It will prevent slippage. Now grasp the condom at the base and gently roll it off. Wrap the used condom in a tissue of paper and throw it away in trash. Never flush the condoms down, because it may cause severe plumbing problems.

Emergency Case

Although condoms can stand vigorous rubbing, sometimes they break during intercourse. Usually men can tell it, while women can't. If it happened to you, immediately pull your penis out and change the condom.

If you are not sure whether you will know that the condom has broken, then you can learn it. You can break condoms on purpose while masturbating to learn how it feels like.



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