How to Choose a Condom

How to Choose a CondomEveryone around you says to use condom, as it helps protect yourself from STDs and unwilling pregnancy. But you're not told how to choose a condom. You may not believe it, but the correctly chosen condom can make your sex better.

Unlike popular men's belief, condoms don't come in one-size-fits-all. They are all of different size, thickness and even length. And you have to know some basics to choose the right condom for your. Don't think that you don't need it at all, because you're content with the ones you buy all the time. Just remember, if the condoms you use ever slipped off, broke, or made you lose erection. If you're familiar with such situations, our congratulations, you've been picking up condoms of a wrong size.

The girth. The first what matters for choosing the condom is the girth of your erected penis. Well, the girth of an erected penis of an average American is about 5.6 inches. If you're somewhere from 5 to 7 inches, then you're considered typical. If you don't know your girth, then don't look for the measure ruler, use another trick. Take a cardboard tube of an empty toilet paper roll and slide it over your erected penis. If there's some extra room inside the roll, then you need a smaller condom. Just enough room then you need medium, and if the tube is too tight, then use a large size.

Longer or shorter? The length of your penis also affects the choice of the condom you use. If you're a big guy, then having a short condom hardly covering the head, increases the chances of STI transmission. Use extra large condoms, that comfortably snug and not too tight.

Thin or ultra-thin? Most couples prefer ultra-thin condoms, because they provide almost a condom-free feel and allow being closer to each other. If you're afraid that ultra-thin condoms don't last as long as thin ones, we have to reassure you. Both of rubbers go through the same vigorous testing, so in this case thinner doesn't mean worse or less.

Ribs? Studs? Bumps? The use of condom affects your and her sensitivity. Regular flat condoms don't give her the pleasure that different enhanced types provide. So if you want to make your girl feel much better, then use ribbed, studded or bumped condoms. These enhances were made to boost girls' pleasure, not yours. At the same time remember, that enhanced condoms are usually thicker then flat ones. So don't expect it to be ultra-thin. By the way, don't be disappointed, if the condom you choose doesn't give her more pleasure. May be bumps isn't her style at all, and she'd prefer ribs. Keep trying.

Latex or lambskin? Regular condoms are made of latex, that makes them durable and thin at the same time. However, people who once tried lambskin condoms never get back to anything else. Lambskin condoms are made of, as you can guess, of lamb skin, they are latex free, have the color of your skin and provide extra sensitivity and durability. Lambskin condoms protect from pregnancy, but don't against STDs, so they are the choice of the monogamous couples.

Latex-free condoms. Many people are allergic to latex, that's why using the latex rubber may cause anaphylactic shock. Well, it happens in rare cases only, and most survive the wrong kind of condom, but will have rashes, extreme dryness or eczema. Luckily, many companies produce condoms from an alternative material, that is polyisoprene. They say that these condoms are so pleasurable, that many couples who are not allergic to latex also prefer them.



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