Sex in Water: Is It Really Possible?

Sex in Water: Is It Really Possible?Sex in water looks super romantic, at least in movies, where couple bathing in a hot tub or swimming in a pool is about to get so dirty! But in fact, having sex in water isn't the best idea at all, especially for girls, and we're going to tell you why you shouldn't try it at all.

Sex in water might sound slippery fun, and lots of liquid around should guarantee smooth and deep penetration, making two of you feel so good. Hold on a second, the thing is that water actually washes away all natural lubrication that woman's body produces. Without it sex is terrible for both sides.

There is a way out of this problem. Use silicone lubricant. Water lubricants are easily washed away, while silicone stays there with you all the time. Be careful not to spill lubricant, because it's incredibly slippery.

Using condoms also becomes difficult when it comes to water. Chlorine and hot temperature make condoms last less. Condoms usually break in water, that makes you unprotected from pregnancy and STDs.

There are condoms that can be used in water. However, in water condoms may slip off. It's a very awkward situation for both of you, when condom stays in vagina. Well, if you're heading for it, just have some extra condoms.

Sex under water is the most dangerous for women. Water is usually full of microorganisms (if it's lake, river or a hot bathtub), chlorine and other chemicals (public swimming pool) or salt (ocean and sea). All of them can cause serious vagina irritations and infections. So sex under water is really the last thing you should dream about.

Still if you want to have sex in water, we'd recommend you to move to shower. There's nothing much better then getting clean while getting dirty. And if sex in shower is nothing special for you any more, then use time you spend in water as foreplay, and when it gets to the most peculiar, then go out and enjoy.

Another good alternative to sex in water is oral sex. Choose who is going to stay in water and who will be sitting on the deck or stairs.

Considering sex in open waters, remember that the problem not only in salt, that is definitely not vagina's best friend. It's also about sand factor. No matter how much you're careful, sand ends up in very unexpected places.

Be careful during the foreplay in water. Make sure that both of you have footing in reach. Watch the waves and undertow. They shouldn't be too strong.

Be aware, that sex in public places is illegal. So no matter how good you feel, keep your eyes open during the deed.



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