How to Tell a Man What You Want in Bed Without Being Shy

How to Tell a Man What You Want in Bed Without Being ShyYou find yourself to be a person, who wants everyone around you know what you feel or want. You're not shy, and it's great! However, there are some topics that make you keep silence. You know what it is – naughty conversations about sex and what you like or don't like. So how can you tell a man what you want in bed without being shy?

Make him break the ice. There is a great way to start a conversation about your needs and what you'd like to be changed! You actually don't have to struggle, instead of it ask your man what he likes or would like to improve. You make your man start this awkward conversation, be sure, that there will be your turn to tell what you want or change. You should be really open for this conversation and don't think that your man is crazy, if he proposes you something really strange. Also remember, that you don't have to try everything what he wants, however there is always a chance that you may like some stuff.

Reinforce him. OK, you find any kind of conversations about sex very awkward and still can't say a word about what makes you feel good and what moves your man does you hate. Well, you may keep silence forever, or use reinforcement. It shouldn't even be verbal (or kind of it). Whenever your man is about to do something that you hate, don't reinforce it at all. Reinforce only those moves, that make you feel really good. After a few sessions your man will understand you and will start doing what you want.

Guide him. You're not shy when your man touches you, but you'd like him touch you in some special places. Nobody knows your body better than you, so you can guide your man. Take his hand (or give him whatever else in his hand) and show him where you'd liked to be touched.

Draw a treasure map. You can turn your sexual guide over your body into an adventure. Use your lipstick to draw a treasure map on your body. Use numbers or dot's and make sure that your man spends at least one minute on each and particular dot.

Write it down. Writing gives you a chance to tell correctly what you want and be sure that you're not misunderstood. But making an instruction isn't much fun. Instead of this write 3 or 4 things you'd like to try and make your man do the same. Put all your special things in an envelope and next time try one of your desires. This way you will let your man know what you'd like to try or what you want and he won't feel that his needs and desires are neglected.

Play a game. It's another version of the above. Give your partner a choice of three things what you'd like to try tonight in bed. Next time it's your partner who has to give you a multiple-choice scenario. From now you can guide your man's actions. You do everything in a playful manner, when you're both are not pressed. It's a win-win for both parties involved.



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